About Us

SFCORPORATERENTALS is a furnished housing company specializing in home rentals, relocation solutions and property management in San Francisco.
Our product development team will help with all the necessary steps in order to get your property ready for rental, from furnishing and equipping the space, to marketing and booking management.
Our Property Management program includes:


SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM can help property owners connect with renters through targeted marketing.
Your potential tenants come from many parts of the globe and use multiple media streams to search for their San Francisco Bay Area home. We work hard to ensure that we advertise clients’ property – not only on Craigslist but on the most frequently visited tenant portals.
Our proven marketing program will ensure that your property is properly positioned for maximum occupancy and rental revenue.
We coordinate photographers, we handle the description of the property, we can handle pricing but the owner has the ultimate decision on this, and comprehensive information regarding amenities and property location.

SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM then uses a variety of marketing sources and platforms to reach targeted markets seeking regular rentals.

Guest Services:

– Check-in and Check-out procedure: client is shown around the property, given important contact numbers, as well as helpful local information
– Inventory control of the property done with the client upon arrival and departure
– Housekeeping before arrival and after departure
– Regular housekeeping during the stay of the client. This service will be billed to the client if required
– Costumer support and Concierge services to the client while their stay.


A central aspect of a strong property management program is maintaining the connections we build between our guests and our services.
Essential to maintaining a great customer experience, from reservation to check-out, is an excellent sales and customer support team.
SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM maintains a 100% focus on guest and owner satisfaction.

Our personal approach to customer service means that we offer straightforward and honest answers, information, transparency, and accessibility to every customer, every day.

Property Maintenance:

General maintenance, upkeep, repairs, replacements and installation. Maintenance and repairs will be billed to the owner separately with no cost added from supplier.

– Contract and agreement negotiation
– Property Inventory control

SFCORPORATERENTALS Program, rates, how it works and what includes:

Our commission is based on the length of the stay.
SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM offers the following property management services:

All rentals include the following:

A — Marketing, Sales and Service:

1- High-quality professional photography of the space
2- Website listing with comprehensive information and descriptions
3- Reservation management
4- All marketing fees (listings, subscriptions and targeted marketing programs)
5- Guest check-ins/ check-outs — Financial & Utilities Management:
6- Comprehensive monthly revenue statements and expense statements
7- Payments to the homeowner (checks or wires)

Note: We understand that the needs of our property owners are as unique as the properties, so we are open and flexible to hear what other requirements our property owners need.

B — Maintenance:

1- General upkeep, including replacement or installation coordination* during clients stay. *Coordination means that we evaluate and inform to the property owner and if they decide we can repair it or replace it then we pass them the bill or invoice for the repair, installation or maintenance. Some property owners want to be in control of their maintenance or DYS.
2- Cleaning and housekeeping before arrival and after departure
3- Laundering of towels and linens before arrival and after departure
4- Inventory control
5- Toiletries for each arrival


SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM is dedicated to maintaining a commitment to honesty and awareness in our business practices and our team.
We strive to demonstrate our passion for our business and our commitment to excellence throughout every aspect of our company, while maintaining a continued positive impact on our community and our planet by employing environmentally friendly and community conscious business practices, as well as positive and fair employment strategies.
Our commitment to transparency continues into our advertising and internet presence, with a policy ensuring that everything we post online be a truthful representation of our services and practices.

SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM has been in the in the rental business since August 2008 and we have experience working together with businesses and individuals in the global relocation process, as well as with international and leisure travel requirements.

Each local and international member of our team is the best in their domain, anticipating the needs of our clients and partners in order to ensure a seamless experience all the way from the management through to the check-in and check-out of our guests.

Accessibility, we are only in San Francisco: We are only based and focused in San Francisco and that makes us locals! Our excellent team at SFCORPORATERENTALS.COM is available 7 days a week, including holidays, to take reservations, answer all your questions, and handle any concerns or issues. With a 100% focus on customer care and customer satisfaction, our excellent team works together to ensure every guest feels looked after every step of the way. Please call us if you need assistance while making your reservation at +1 (415)-521-1587

Our team will be more than happy to guide you through our exclusive list of San Francisco corporate rentals and help you to locate the right corporate home that fits your needs.